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BC Ferries just can’t win

BC FerriesThere is an article in the Times Colonist today about how BC Ferries is not planning on adding earlier and later sailings during the Olympics. There are 19 events in Whistler and 12 in Vancouver that are too early for ferry-goers as well as 8 men’s hockey games that end too late to make the boat back.

This is where BC Ferries is damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. If they extend sailings, that requires additional staff and dealing with unions. They can’t guarantee that the ships will be full enough to be profitable, that could mean subsidies from the government (read: your taxes).

If they don’t extend their times, that means ticket holders will have to find accommodation in Vancouver (read: pricey and hard to find.) as well as the bad press from Islanders about not being able to get off the Rock.

BC Ferries has worked hard to make everybody happy. They have improved their fleet, upgraded amenities, tightened up scheduling, and yet they always get the flack. I think the real problem is how much event tickets cost. How is BC Ferries going to get out of this one with the least damage? What is your opinion on what they should do?

YouTube vs. YouTube

youtube-logo5It is amazing how viral social media can create a firestorm out of a small match. Case in point: The Domino’s YouTube video of employees messing with customers food. While disgusting and stupid (did they think they wouldn’t get caught?) it has become a very popular video. In 24 hours the video went from 20,000 views to 760,000 according to In the blink of an eye all the hard work of creating a positive PR front is up in flames. So what should Domino’s do then? Some say, if you can’t beat them, join them. It is suggested that Domino’s make a speedy response and post it on YouTube. They can support it’s cause by using search engine optimization and other social media such as their website, Facebook or Twitter. The question is; do you or your company have a gameplan should this happen to you?