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OK Go is going places

OK Go is going places

Continuing on my theme of not requiring big money for big ideas, I want to draw your attention to a successful band that is as popular for their music videos as for their music. OK Go. If you have seen any of their music videos, you can appreciate the creativity and planning gone into each one. Most are done in a single take (with many attempts to get it just right), and lots of synchronicity involved, each one is a unique masterpiece. Their latest video (Dec 12 2010) Back from Kathmandu, continues the creativity by having a small parade throughout LA and mapping their logo out using GPS tracking. Brilliant.

It goes to show that big ideas don’t need big money to be successful. Case in point: Michael and Janet Jackson’s duet (Scream – 1995) cost $7 million. What in the world is going on here anyways? The only big thing invested in OK Go videos is a significant amount of patience and man-hours. For the record OK Go’s “This too shall pass” has 21 Million+ YouTube views vs. MJ’s 18 Million…

Here are a few links to some of the greats. Time to feel inspired…

This Too Shall Pass: Video Here

White Knuckles: Video Here

Here it Goes Again: Video Here

End Love: Video Here

The Big Bang explodes onto your screen

The Big Bang explodes onto your screen

It is finally summer. Along with the sun and the fun comes the latest installments of Hollywood blockbusters with their mega CGI productions. After being bombarded with a lot of this mainstream highly polished media it is as refreshing as a spring breeze to come across something new, creative, and (seemingly) basic.

Check out this video below. The Italian artist BLU has created something truly epic by telling the story from the big bang to the big boom via stop-motion. It’s rough, raw and fantastic. Enjoy. Let me know if you come across any other of these tasty tidbits, there are tons out there.

> Big Bang, Big Boom Video

The numbers don’t lie

The numbers don’t lie

With my dealings with everyday life, I still continue to come across folks that are in denial that Social Media is here to stay. I recently came across a great video produced by a fellow agency that illustrates the monstrosity that is Social Media and the Internet. When you get into some of these stats, it is staggering: 247 Billion emails a day (of which 200 Billion are SPAM, BOO!) Facebook has an average of 37.4 Trillion page views in a year! YouTube pops up 1 Billion videos a day… these are just a few of the informational tidbits included in the video.

Plus, this video was made in February, with the rate of these medias expanding, who knows what the stats are now.

Anyways, long story short, as you sit in your cubicle feeling insignificant, check out this video  and feel like part of the bigger picture. We’re practically family.

How has it come to this?

I like to think of myself as a tech-savvy, hip guy. But there is etiquette to the gadgetry era that has seemed to have been deleted. This is a rant to all the folks that think answering a text while you are in a conversation with me is more important. And at what point did it become acceptable to chat with somebody who is sitting on the can? Why don’t you wait to tell about the latest gossip about Tom/Dick/Harry until you are done. And wash your hands! (Something else that is being forgotten, and instead replaced with texting while walking out the door.)

Something else that really grinds my gears is that while sitting through a spectacular show in Vegas, the guys in front of us were busy downloading and configuring their Blackberries. Couldn’t they wait until the $150 show was done? And don’t even get me started on people like these during a movie…

A report via Marketing Magazine (Retrevo Gadgetology Report) show that 49% of 10-25 year olds could be interrupted by electronic messages. 24% while “on the john”. 10% would check during sex! (I suspect this last one wouldn’t bode well for your relationship, and you’d have a lot of explaining to do).

I know that this is the information age, but I think people are a little too in touch. Personal relationships and interactions should always be more important, ditto to proper hygiene. SM is here to stay, but how about a little class eh?

Final comment: How many of you have checked your IM/texts while reading this??

ChatRoulette, it’s a gamble.

My last post “Social Media Strangers” touched on a two new SM sites that revolve around randomness as a method to interactive with strangers. The more popular of the two; ChatRoulette has been the topic of quite a few conversations around here, as well as the new addiction of one of our colleagues.

I had been struggling to find the real point of this site and its benefit. Besides being a showcase for perverts, there are lots of genuinely interested users. It’s a platform that lets you be anything between yourself to your alter-ego. Gauging on the amount of puppets, drawn characters, and unique scenarios, creativity is also a large element of the production. Perhaps this isn’t as lost of a cause as I originally thought.

I came across this video (below) that does a great job of explaining things, as well as doing a few experiments to see just who uses it, and what they are looking for. It’s worth sitting through the whole thing. (warning: a bit of swearing in the video)

Tales of a Prima Donna

Creative projects are more than the cliché of blood, sweat and tears. There are years of industry experience, demographic pinpointing, identifying realistic unique selling differentiators, and colour psychology, etc.. A lot of ingredients in the recipe. So it is difficult to have projects shot down in a blaze of glory right into the dumpster (quickly or not), be it via the client or the Creative Director.

Is it natural to react by sulking or whining? Sure. Professional? Depends how far you go. Ego deflating? Most certainly. From my point of view, it shouldn’t be perceived as being bitchy or difficult, but to be viewed as being passionate of your work. Should they not like to have somebody work for them that cares about the final product? Somebody who believes that their creative “baby” is the correct way to go?

Enough chat, has anybody seen my cape and red Smarties?

Junk Spammers Beware!

I started the workday as usual, going through the emails and making lists for the upcoming day. Lucky for me there were lots of emails concerned about any form of EDS I might be having. Who knew that at 31 I was in the target market for Viagra? Perhaps due to the fact that I am 20-30 years under the target market, they are trying to get me in on the ground floor? Is that why they are offering 80% off my purchase? What a deal! Throw in a totally obscure email on the bottom along with a bunch of incoherent content and who wouldn’t want to sign up? By having them send me 15 more reminders before lunch sure shows they care about me too. Thanks for that.

How effective are these junk mails really? They couldn’t be anymore back-assword. They don’t look legit, they don’t use sneaky cosmetic email or web addresses, they don’t even use spell-check. How can they win??

But I am going to teach them. I am going to call their bluff.  No way can they afford to sell pills this cheap. At 80% off I can buy it by the caseload and run them out of business. All I have to do is give them my credit card info, sit back, and wait it to show up in the mail.

Who’s the smart one now?

Santa Claus should be one svelt fella.

Just in time for the holidays I came across this list that breaks down just how magical Santa needs to be in order to gettr’ done. Over the years, I have been fortunate to have been taken care of by St. Nick. So I can appreciate all the hard work and months of prep needed.  Having to work this hard and fast though, one would imagine the big guy would have burned off that bowl full of jelly a long time ago…

Did you know …

  • Santa has 31 hours to do his job on Christmas, thanks to different time zones around the world.
  • To travel around the world’s 122 million km in that time, that means Santa’s sleigh has to move at a mind-blowing 1,047 km persecond — 3,000 times the speed of sound!
  • Santa has to travel with a lot of cargo: Assuming each child gets two pounds worth of gifts, Santa’s payload amounts to an astonishing 321,300 tons.
  • Santa has to make 822.6 visits a second, so, for each house, that means the fat man has less than 1/1,000th of a second to park the reindeer, shimmy down the chimney, fill the stockings, put gifts under the tree, eat whatever snacks were left for him and get back up the chimney and back to his sleigh before doing it all again.

Branding is more than a just a logo.

Building a corporate brand is a big job with a lot of components. Gone are the days when a logo, business cards, and a yellow page ad was considered a brand strategy.

At Copeland, we offer Brand Audits that help determine company values, target markets, and personality. From the collected findings, the brand begins its building process. Corporate logo, business cards and stationary, signage, and collateral materials all stem from the Audit. But there is more than just the typical printed materials. What of Social Media? Can it work for your company? Is there somebody to orchestrate it and be the voice of your company? Customer service is the #1 maker/breaker. This should be audited and address any points that can hinder you. Don’t forget about CRM. Is this even on your radar?

Sure, we make pretty logos, but we offer the full meal deal packages that build your brand with a foundation in strategy. There are a lot of touch points for brands nowadays. Have you covered them all?

Web 3.0? Oh!

3069184222_ef2cec9eceThe world is moving along one day at time. But the online world is a buzz with the next big thing. Social media sites are the latest craze, people making connections and spreading their opinions. Welcome to Web 2.0.

But what of the looming online revolution?

Here comes Web 3.0. Imagine being able to research your entire vacation with a single web search. Web 1.0 was about cataloguing information. Web 2.0 is about collaboration between users. Web 3.0 is speculated to be a collaboration of information.

Researchers think you will be able to search complex requests like “Mexico vacation for 4 adults with Italian restaurants” and have concise options tailored for you.  Normally you would have to source through multiple online searches, full of cross-referencing results and dismiss all the unnecessary clutter. With 3.0, the search browser would do all the crunch work for you. Nice and neat. Toss in to the mix that researchers think that your browser will be able to modify your results based on personal search history and search requests. That brings in the ethics of personal privacy. Who will be privy to this information? Obviously this would only work on your personal machine, but what if it’s a household computer?

Maybe this is just too over my head (read getting to old for this stuff). I’ll leave it to my kids when they turn 5 to dumb it down for me.

And don’t even get me started on Web 4.0 and 5.0. There is speculation on what these will entail, and lets just say it sounds like Star Trek’s Borg is closer than we think.