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OK Go is going places

OK Go is going places

Continuing on my theme of not requiring big money for big ideas, I want to draw your attention to a successful band that is as popular for their music videos as for their music. OK Go. If you have seen any of their music videos, you can appreciate the creativity and planning gone into each one. Most are done in a single take (with many attempts to get it just right), and lots of synchronicity involved, each one is a unique masterpiece. Their latest video (Dec 12 2010) Back from Kathmandu, continues the creativity by having a small parade throughout LA and mapping their logo out using GPS tracking. Brilliant.

It goes to show that big ideas don’t need big money to be successful. Case in point: Michael and Janet Jackson’s duet (Scream – 1995) cost $7 million. What in the world is going on here anyways? The only big thing invested in OK Go videos is a significant amount of patience and man-hours. For the record OK Go’s “This too shall pass” has 21 Million+ YouTube views vs. MJ’s 18 Million…

Here are a few links to some of the greats. Time to feel inspired…

This Too Shall Pass: Video Here

White Knuckles: Video Here

Here it Goes Again: Video Here

End Love: Video Here

Modest Mouse / Heath Ledger video

There is a bit of hoopla around Modest Mouse‘s latest music video, King Rat. It is beautifully illustrated, it tells a very graphic bizarre tale of whales hunting humans. The subject matter is dark and deep. Funny, as soon as something like whale hunting gets humanized it becomes something outrageous, and evil. Perhaps this should be done for every way we treat animals. This video brings to the forefront a violent practice that has been going on quietly (somewhat) for centuries into mainstream conversation. Will it spark more public outcry? Or will it just stay as a “cool video”.

Equally important to the success of this video is that the late Heath Ledger was the producer, apparently he is still a hot topic. It is also nice to see that the illustrators get some kudos at the end. Justly deserved.

Throw in that is a great song from a popular band and it is the cat’s meow. A truly epic video.