Can you beat your best?

When the Sussex Safer Partnership ad “Embrace Life” won YouTube’s 2010 Ad of the Year, you knew they would have their hands full with following up with something as equally emotional and as beautifully constructed for the next campaign.

With a new year comes a new spot. This time it follows a boy constructing a make-believe motorcycle out of his bicycle to be just like his Pa who ends up returning home safely on his bike. Besides being another visual masterpiece, it continues with the previous spot’s positioning of using emotion and imagination instead of scenes of gore and mayhem (staples of seemingly all road safety spots.)

Is it a spot that can top its predecessor (currently at 13.5M+ views, and award fame)?

Can it, or should it, be compared to the original at all?

Here are the spots:

Stay a Hero (2011) – View here.

Embrace Life (2010) – View here.