Web 3.0? Oh!

3069184222_ef2cec9eceThe world is moving along one day at time. But the online world is a buzz with the next big thing. Social media sites are the latest craze, people making connections and spreading their opinions. Welcome to Web 2.0.

But what of the looming online revolution?

Here comes Web 3.0. Imagine being able to research your entire vacation with a single web search. Web 1.0 was about cataloguing information. Web 2.0 is about collaboration between users. Web 3.0 is speculated to be a collaboration of information.

Researchers think you will be able to search complex requests like “Mexico vacation for 4 adults with Italian restaurants” and have concise options tailored for you.  Normally you would have to source through multiple online searches, full of cross-referencing results and dismiss all the unnecessary clutter. With 3.0, the search browser would do all the crunch work for you. Nice and neat. Toss in to the mix that researchers think that your browser will be able to modify your results based on personal search history and search requests. That brings in the ethics of personal privacy. Who will be privy to this information? Obviously this would only work on your personal machine, but what if it’s a household computer?

Maybe this is just too over my head (read getting to old for this stuff). I’ll leave it to my kids when they turn 5 to dumb it down for me.

And don’t even get me started on Web 4.0 and 5.0. There is speculation on what these will entail, and lets just say it sounds like Star Trek’s Borg is closer than we think.