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Zombies lumber into Sears

Zombies lumber into Sears

It seems that nowadays it is difficult to get away from lumbering zombies. After years of being in the shadow of the vampire (pun intended) it appears that the undead have found themselves in a social revival. There have been a surge of zombie sightings recently. From Hollywood flicks to video game to TV commercials, you can’t escape the fact they have become the latest “it” monster.

Just in time for Halloween, Sears has created their own take on zombie fun. They have created an extensive shopping site. While it is only a micro site that links to their real online store, nothing has been missed. Complete with English/Zombian translation capabilities, to a Zombie Gift Guide, and some great writing such as “tone while you lumber” and “brain stains be gone”, they have done a great job. And be sure to try the Zombie Friend Maker.

What fun they must have had. I can only imagine unleashing fellow zombie-loving Copelanders to design this. I can see the  gore on the walls already.

Check it out: Sears Zombie Site


  • Sheldon on Nov 01, 2010 Reply

    i don’t know about child abuse, but those kids were pretty terrified! Course, have you seen some of the other Japanese reality shows? They push the boundaries quite a bit!

    As for the Sears thing – very cool. Like Juhli, i had no idea they could be so cool…

    • dougbrowncreative on Nov 01, 2010 Reply

      Frightening children to a state of prolonged terror for fun is child abuse in my books anyway. Just saying.

  • JUHLi SELBy on Oct 29, 2010 Reply

    How cool! That just changed my whole perception of Sears. I had no idea they were forward thinking at all. Great find!

    This is not exactly business related, but along the Zombies being popular trend… check out this horrible prank some parents played on their children. I can’t believe they did this!

    • dougbrowncreative on Oct 29, 2010 Reply

      Juhli, this thoughtless terrorizing is child abuse. That the studio audience was pissing themselves with laughter at the trauma these children were suffering is testament to the enduring stupidity of the human race. How could they.

  • amy joseph on Oct 29, 2010 Reply

    Did you see the My Dead TV on the Sears site? They really took this all the way.

  • amy joseph on Oct 29, 2010 Reply

    Wow. That is so excellent.

  • redfelt13 on Oct 29, 2010 Reply

    Amy, I think this is the one you are thinking about. Zombies AND Hillbillies!!

  • Amy on Oct 29, 2010 Reply

    Awesomeness! There is a car commercial out (can’t remember the maker – Toyota?) that touts it’s ability to safely wisk you away from zombies as a selling point. I’m glad that zombies are slowly (lumberingly) replacing cheesy vampires.

  • redfelt13 on Oct 29, 2010 Reply

    I knew this would get you excited Doug.

  • dougbrowncreative on Oct 29, 2010 Reply

    WOW. Damn, that’s fun. Well Sears gets my vote for Marketer of the Year. This took guts (and gore). Let’s lurch over to Sears today in costume and say “arrrghhrghg”. Great find Brad.

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